Serving UAW Members
UAW Gear & Discounts

You may not know it, but UAW made products include more than vehicles.  UAW members make numerous products from building houses to packaging sugar. 

Visit UAW Made Products Here:  this link will give you access to several different products made by UAW members and is a great source to visit first before buying cars, appliances, food and beverage, and many othe products. 

UAW-GM Merchandise Collection: visit the online store here for shirts, pens, blankets, tools and so much more with the UAW logo. 

UAW Collectibles: Finding UAW collectibles on Ebay. 

25% OFF - Any My Union Journal Account - When you use coupon code "UAW" - CLICK HERE.  Built for union members.

The IGS is the premier online grievance tracking tool for local labor unions.  CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE GRIEVANCE WEBSITE or call 800-213-1974 to schedule a live demo!
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